The Search

The beautiful thing about Twillyp is that its personality is entirely informed by the students who create it.


 That snarky, retweetable meme? That’s Kim’s voice.


That perfectly timed video edit? That’s Shannon’s style.

William Paterson is our home #twillyp #wpunj

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That picture-perfect shot of campus? That’s Cat’s eye.



The challenging thing about Twillyp is that each of its members will inevitably leave.

Kim, Shannon and Cat are irreplaceable members of Twillyp who, at the end of this semester, will all be graduating. I am both incredibly proud of them, and horribly sad to see them go.

Their departure means that we will have to face something that we have been in staunch denial about; we are going to need to assemble an all-new team of students. For a brand whose voice is a culmination of the minds behind it, this is both terrifying and thrilling.  


So, what makes a Twillyp member?

1.     Creativity. Our main goal is to produce content that will resonate with the community, and we need students with unique perspectives to help build it. From small tasks, like crafting tweets, to larger projects, like producing videos, we are all about finding interesting ways to showcase William Paterson.

2.     Collaboration. Referring to ourselves as the “Twillyp team” is no joke. Over the past three years, we have filmed endless hours of footage, drafted thousands of tweets and drank countless chai tea lattes together. Every product we put forward is a group effort, and we are looking for students who can contribute and collaborate as a team.

3.     #PioneerPride. Above all, this project is a love letter to William Paterson. The best candidates for these positions will be students who truly love this community. With an audience of more than 3,000 students, this is the platform to share and celebrate what makes us proud to be Pioneers.


One of the main challenges we face is attempting to explain that this is not an ordinary campus job. This is a unique position that calls for a host of unconventional responsibilities. One day we could be judging an Instagram contest, the next we're renting out a Billy the Bear costume for a video. We do everything from live-tweeting basketball games to responding to midnight tweets from students to keeping up-to-date on Drake memes.

Of all the classes, clubs, events, organizations and jobs I’ve been a part of throughout my college career, nothing has been as empowering and life-changing as my time with Twillyp. The feeling of seeing our ideas come to life is unparalleled. I can't wait to see who joins me next year as this project continues to grow.

Finding people to round out Twillyp will be a daunting task, but I feel confident knowing that William Paterson is overflowing with talented, passionate students.

If you're up for the challenge, you can click here to apply.