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What Does Billy the Bear Do Over Winter Break?

It’s five o’clock in the morning and I have an idea stuck in my head. The sun isn’t quite up yet, but I’m thinking about Billy the Bear.

So, I do what any self-respecting millennial does; I make a half-squint with one eye as I fumble for the notes app on my iPhone. I type out the following words:
“Billy the Bear dancing around campus over winter break. Maybe something about hibernation?”

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The Search

The beautiful thing about Twillyp is that its personality is entirely informed by its members. That snarky, retweetable meme? That's Kim's voice. That perfectly timed video edit? That’s Shannon’s style. That picture-perfect shot of campus? That’s Cat’s eye.

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Humans Of WP

Sometimes it happens right away, sometimes we have to work on it, and sometimes it doesn’t happen at all, but we’ve gotten really good at identifying that moment. It’s that breakthrough moment when someone gives us a quote or a story that is a genuine insight into their life.

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Let's talk about summer. You remember summer, right?

Summer presents an interesting challenge for Twillyp. The campus buzz that normally fuels our content creation quiets down, and the geese-to-people ratio tends to skew out of our favor. With our jet-setting, sun-bathing, nap-taking audience enjoying a few stress-free months away from campus, we needed to figure out how to connect in a way that felt good and authentic.

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Sweetheart Couples

Sometimes the video production process is seamless; the project comes together almost miraculously as the music, footage and feeling effortlessly floats into place. And then, sometimes the video production process is a nightmare hellscape in which each component violently resists existing. This blog post is about the later. It’s also about love.

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An Introduction

Three years ago, my life changed when I took a chance on a social media internship in the William Paterson University marketing department. Or, rather, they took a chance on me. I was a scared, inexperienced sophomore with only a vague idea of what I wanted to do with my life. My only real qualification was that I was excited. Like,really excited.

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The Rise of the Social Media Week Elevator

What was supposed to be a convention celebrating conversation and community was deteriorating into a chaotic, anger-fueled mess.

While waiting in line on the first afternoon, Brendon and I were killing time by flipping through the promoted #SMWNYC hashtag. The sentiment was predictably overwhelmingly negative. A stream meant to serve as a SMWNYC highlight reel was disintegration into a hate-fueled string of mini-rants; 140-character complaint upon 140-character complaint, industry giants and social media influencers all publicly decrying the slow pace and disorganization of the elevator system.

"Wouldn't it be great if someone made a parody account for the elevator?" Brendon joked

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