On the first day of 2014's Social Media Week in New York City, Brendon and I found that sentiment was overwhelmingly negative and targeted toward one specific complaint; there was only one elevator that took attendees to the classrooms and panels, and the line was long and disorganized. Together we created @SMWElevator, a parody account with the voice of an all-powerful deity. 

Our account caught on quickly, as fellow participants' tweets about the elevator situation soon changed from disgruntled to amused. Users who we had previously seen complaining were now winking and playing along with us. The account exploded, acquiring over 200 followers and nearly 600 mentions in just four days. 

The account was enthusiastically embraced by the SMW team, and a TagBoard outside the elevator featured exclusively @SMWElevator content. The account was mentioned by the likes of Highline Stages, Chipotle and the co-founder of Thrillest. Brendon and I were the 4th top overall influencer at the conference. It was absolutely ridiculous and incredibly fun.