My name is Jaclyn Antonacci and I'm a creative professional passionate about online community building, digital storytelling, and cold brew coffee. 

As William Paterson University's online marketing coordinator, I lead and manage social media communications across campus. This role requires a healthy mix of social media strategy, content creation, community engagement, customer service, data analysis, and Starbucks runs.

In May 2016 I graduated from WP with an M.A. in professional communication. In my undergrad, I doubled majored in journalism and media studies. As a student, I received the Mac Borg New Media Fellowship, which allowed me to intern with the The Record/NorthJersey.com.

My academic research focuses on the influence of social media use on college students’ sense of belonging. In general, I am interested in exploring social media as a tool for storytelling, self-expression, self-identity, advocacy, community-building and empowerment.

Some offline things I love include reading, traveling, pizza, Parks and Recreation, chai tea lattes and the Newport Folk Festival. I'd love to learn more about you. Find me on your social network of choice, or shoot me an email at jaclynantonacci@gmail.com!